We venture beyond capital.


Contentsquare raises $600M Series F

We dedicate 80% of our bandwidth to founders.

We're a New York-based venture fund with roots in France, investing in early-stage companies that are changing the way we live and consume, as well as the tooling behind it.

Bleu Capital brings hands-on expertise alongside seed capital to actively help you develop the critical business management tools needed to drive your growth and innovation.

Our goal: Help you
build a profitable
growth machine.

Grow your capabilities: We take a service approach and help you improve your financial reporting, go-to-market strategy and supply-chain management.
Align your team: We focus on turning your long-term vision into action by implementing quarterly roadmaps, financial reporting and OKRs.
Build a scalable org: We help you set up your internal management processes to create pace and build an execution-driven team.

Hands-on advisors first.
Investors second.

We only invest in companies where we can add value, and make a limited number of bets each year to maintain our focus on portfolio services.
Teo Borschberg
CEO @Oto.ai
"The Bleucap team were here from day one until our exit. Grateful for their hands on support through all the entrepreneurial roller coaster"
Jeff Cripe, co founder of Cargo Systems.
Jeff Cripe
CEO @Ara Labs
"They have been a major value add, from architecting company strategy to getting their hands dirty with financials, introductions, recruiting"
Nicolas Schweizer
CEO @La Vie
"It is 11pm, I am about to clean my dishes and I thought that would be the perfect time to call my favorite investor to share what happened the last few days"
Pierre De Chanville
CTO @Tekyn
"JP & team brings you the support of an entrepreneur who spent 30 years in your shoes and kept the enthusiasm of day 1 for you and your business"
Michel Meyer CEO and founder of presence AI
Michel Meyer
CEO @ Presence.ai
"Our discussions highlighted their practical and smart approach, the kind of combination that we are looking for"
Benoit Buridant
"They have assisted many entrepreneurs by providing them with the knowledge needed to make smart and critical decisions."

We back the tools, brands and platforms that will redefine commerce.

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New consumption

Closed-loop commerce solutions
of Food

New consumption infrastructure

commerce solutions
Omni-channel retail enablement
Data collection and enablement layer

A process built by founders, for founders.

With 30 years of experience, working with us gives you a partner who has been in your shoes.
Focused approach
Our team caps the number of new investments each year to give you the right amount of attention and support.
Pooled knowledge
Supercharge your startup by accessing the collective know-how of our startup portfolio.
Support network
Connect with our community of operators, angels and funds in the commerce space.
Resource hub
Access our company building best practices to help you on your journey from 0 to 1.

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