Founding Story And Values

A track record of bringing long term vision to action.

A track record of bringing long term vision to action.Bleu Capital is structured around decades of operating experience in the commerce industry. Bleu Capital's founder, Jean Pierre Chessé, launched a distribution company in China, one of the toughest countries to succeed in as an entrepreneur. During his tenure, Sinodis grew from $0 to $200M in revenue. But 7 years after founding Sinodis, the company almost went bankrupt during the SARS crisis.  But the problem didn't lie there - It was Jean-Pierre’s initial lack of focus and discipline in his management.

Jean Pierre was able to turn his business around by implementing best management practices and developing a culture driven by execution and accountability. This difficult yet successful journey helped him understand the enormous challenges faced by founders on their way to building a rapidly growing and profitable company. He has made a lot of the mistakes that an entrepreneur will make. Bleu Capital, his family office, was brought together to actively share this experience with founders.

4 core principles define our approach to venture capital.
  • Grit and humility
    We partner with founders that showcase grit, humility and resilience and that are willing to delay instant gratification in order to secure long-term positive outcomes.
  • A culture of accountability
    We believe that a key factor in every company’s success is a strong financial discipline and a transparent culture structured around accountability.
  • Resilience
    As investors, we replicate the resilience that we ask of our founding teams. This means that we will be with you through thick and thin.
  • Narrow and methodical focus
    We support doing one thing at a time, very well. We leverage clear roadmaps to bring the structure needed to execute on company wide objectives.

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