Our team

Bleu is built around decades of operating experience in the commerce industry.
Jean Pierre Chessé - CEO
Jean Pierre is the Founder and sole LP at Bleu Capital. He is currently an investor, advisor, and board member at multiple US and French early-stage companies.
Julien Lepleux - Investor
Julien is an associate at Bleu Capital. He focuses on portfolio management, operational support and deal-flow analysis and has a background in growth strategy.


At Bleu, you'll find a different, more personal way of working and being. We're here because we love what we do, and welcome your contributions. Our intention is to be helpful, human and open. But that doesn't mean we don't take our work seriously. This is a partnership of equals, between founders and investors.

“Entrepreneurs need to both act fast and
methodically in the face of a constant pressure to
adapt to shifting market forces. We provide a
fundamental set of principles to successfully
navigate through change”

Our values

Do the right thing and be accountable
We’re transparent and operate with high integrity. We choose what's right over what's easy.
Give a damn
We do things for a reason, and that reason is making the world around us a better place. We strive to give back to our community.
Pursue success, be humble about it
We partner with founders that showcase grit, humility and resilience and that are willing to delay instant gratification in order to secure long-term positive outcomes.
Do one thing at a time, well
We support doing one thing at a time, very well. We leverage clear roadmaps to bring the structure needed to execute on company wide objectives.