April 2021

Announcing Our Investment In Noleo

We're betting on Nicolas, Lucas and the Noleo team to shift the industry standard around infant-care products.

The issue at hand

Your babies deserve a healthy skin, free of diaper rashes. Most of the products currently available on the market contain unhealthy amounts of harsh or toxic chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, or phenoxyethanol. Industry leaders such as Pampers haven’t been challenged to innovate, leading the industry at large to fall behind the clean revolution happening in adjacent spaces such as beauty. Baby wipes, in particular, are a major culprit causing both diaper rashes and unacceptable environmental waste. The numbers are worrisome - On average, 0-3 years old kids will experience 193K+ exposures to harsh chemicals, our bodies accumulate 240+ carcinogens from birth to adulthood, and teen cancers are up 25% since 1975. In short, parents don’t need more products, more chemicals, more crying and more money spent. They want more transparency from brands and natural ingredients.

The solution

Noleo intends to fix the personal care industry at large, starting with baby-oriented products. Their first product, a 3-in-1 diaper care solution, is hypoallergenic and uses only 5 natural ingredients - Limewater (cleansing properties), organic sunflower oil (improve skin barrier), organic olive oil (nourishes skin), glyceryl stearate (bonds water and oil) and beeswax (holds the moisture). But it’s not just about using clean ingredients. The solution effectively replaces highly polluting single-use wipes (90%+ of wipes contain plastic). An ounce of 3-1 diaper care eliminates the need for up to 150 wipes. Noleo’s cotton pads are 100% biodegradable and each bottle is certified organic, making Noleo one of only 40 US based companies to be GOTS certified in 2019.

Why we’re betting on Noleo

Noleo was founded by a team of 2 chemical engineers, Lucas and Nicolas, who have a deep understanding of both the benefits of each ingredient and the full lifecycle of product development and distribution.  As always with our investments, we are continuously impressed by the founding team, having grown the company solely through word of mouth, and set up a very mature organization in a short timeframe. Last but not least, customers (moms AND dads) love the product and it shows. A happy customer who could not live without Noleo back-home recently set up an importation business to bring Noleo’s diaper care to South America. Above all, the company has a clear mission and opportunities to truly disrupt the babycare industry.

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