Bleu Capital

How We Invest

We seek to minimize the footprint of our deal-flow processes in order to dedicate the bulk of our bandwidth to our portfolio.

Bleu Capital does not have a capital deployment timeline and can therefore focus on building companies. We leverage our relationships with partner funds and our large retail network, built over two decades of operations in the sector.

We move fast and execute the investment as soon as conviction is built, thanks to our lean managerial structure. The Bleu Capital team often goes to work before the investment is made, helping with introductions, market research, and growth strategy.

Our 3-step investment process

Our capital is progressively deployed into our portfolio, with a continuous and growing participation in follow-on rounds as soon as the team hits predetermined execution milestones and combined with increased non-executive role and benefits.

Our investments have access to our global network of European, American, and Chinese founders. As your idea develops into a market-leading business, we’ll assist in fostering partnerships with key innovators, partners, and talented entrepreneurs.

With our team of experienced corporate executives and successful entrepreneurs, we’ll guide you in developing the critical business management processes needed to drive your company’s growth and innovation.

We invest into the future-of-commerce by DNA and into sustainability by belief.

Our favorite flavors: Tools and Platforms, sometimes Consumer.

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