August 2022

Ara Labs partners with ChargePoint and GSTV

Ara Labs Inc. (ex Cargo) announces a groundbreaking partnership and takes over EV charging stations.

Today, we are happy to share the launch of a groundbreaking partnership between Ara Labs Inc. Labs, ChargePoint, a leading EV charging network and Destination Media’s GSTV, the largest location-based media network.

ChargePoint and Ara will deploy about 1,000 screens in 10 markets during the first 12 months after launch. The charging company is the largest network of EV charging stations in the US with 28,753 locations.

The announcement received a nice shout out last week in the Wall Street Journal.

Sean McCaffrey, GSTV’s president and CEO, told The Wall Street Journal that the company plans to pitch shopping malls, movie theaters and fast-food chains, asking them the question “How do I begin to offer EV as an amenity to my consumers in a way that becomes affordable and scalable?”

Retailers, meanwhile, “now have increased opportunities to engage consumers while they fuel and scale their networks,” said Jeff Cripe, CEO at Ara Labs. “This deal will result in more screens at the most optimized locations, allowing for better customer and advertiser experiences.” 

Team Bleu is thrilled to witness such success. We’re also happy to see Ara participate in the expansion of the EV charging grid and help make it profitable through new business models in the process. Indeed, bringing more revenue streams to EV charging will help create a competitive EV charging market, which will lead to better infrastructure for consumers.

This announcement is Ara’s second key partnership. Years of a strong collaboration with Uber allowed Ara to become the largest US owner-operator of rideshare and taxi top digital billboards. Team Bleu witnessed first-hand the rapid expansion of Ara’s car top digital displays network, which makes us confident that the company will soon be taking over EV charging stations. 

Our best advice now is to keep your eyes wide open to notice the growing number of Ara’s screens in your daily life! 

About Ara Labs:
Ara Labs is a digital signage development firm that specializes in the design and manufacturing of digital out-of-home network solutions.

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