Our Approach

For more than 5 years, Bleu Capital has been investing in early-stage companies in the US and Europe, founded by ambitious, humble, transparent and execution-oriented entrepreneurs. We leverage our operating experience to work with founding teams towards securing profitable growth and financial independence.

What is Bleu Capital?

Bleu Capital is the venture arm of Jean Pierre Chessé's family office. Prior to Bleu, Jean Pierre was the founder and CEO of Sinodis, a $200M business operating in China, which he built from the ground-up with no external capital. Our objective is to invest into doers that want to have a positive impact on the world we live in, and distribute our know-how to our portfolio. We are structured as an evergreen fund, with no pressure on time to exit.

How do we invest?

Reduced focus on dealflow
We seek to minimize the footprint of our deal-flow processes in order to dedicate the bulk of our bandwidth to our portfolio. Bleu Capital does not have a capital deployment timeline and can therefore focus on building companies. As a rule of thumb, we invest into 2-5 startups each year.

Progressive capital deployment timeline
We deploy our capital over time, with a continuous and growing participation in follow-on rounds, as soon as the team hits pre-determined execution milestones.

First investment
$100K-$500K ticket size

6-12mo. of revenue generated and one paying happy customer

Clear vision and initial execution

Founders looking for long term partner/advisor
$250K - $1M ticket size

Financial discipline and reporting in place

Clear product roadmap and understanding of growth levers

Strong management skills and resilience displayed

How do we support you?

We help founders assemble the necessary building blocks to turn ventures into profitable businesses. These blocks are derived from our own operating experiences as well as the collective intelligence of our portfolio.


Mission alignment
Support setting quarterly roadmaps
Team alignment
Implement OKRs across the organization
Strategic advisory
Your partner through good and tough times
Network access
Connect with our advisors


Growth marketing
Structure, deploy and grow your mkt efforts
Create financial reports and business reviews
Shared insights
Collective intelligence from our portfolio
Talent network
Access vetted contractors / agencies

Which themes do we invest in?

Circular consumption
Mission driven companies that seek to unlock zero-waste ecosystems through circular models.
Frictionless commerce
Companies that unlock friction-less  experiences through unique elevated interactions with the consumer.
Supply chain optimization
Ventures that help develop greener, shorter and more capital efficient supply-chain processes to reduce waste and improve forecasting.
Brands working at the forefront of nutritional research to decrease the over consumption of natural resources.
Better consumption
Brands that offer simple, healthy and organic products that consumers fall in love with.
New marketplaces
Tools and brands that tackle Amazon, Shopify and other 3P marketplaces.
Data intelligence
Tools that enable businesses to better understand their experience and improve the digital and in-store customer experiences.

How do we work with founders?

Performance and data transparency
We generally have a deeper access to your performance data than traditional VC funds. This helps us accurately identify and understand your pain points.

Coachability and humility
As advocates for financial and management best practices, the Bleu Capital team seeks founders who are willing to learn and implement these principles.

Frequent communication
We fundamentally believe in being present for founders through both the best and toughest times. To build a strong relationship that will unlock positive business outcomes, we strive to maintain frequent communications.

Who is on the team?

Jean Pierre Chessé
Founder and Managing Partner
Focus: General strategy, management

Julien Lepleux
Investment Associate
Focus: Portfolio management & deal-flow analysis

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