We go beyond capital to support your growth

80% of our collective bandwidth is dedicated to portfolio support and we'll help you set up the right systems to support your growth. We're the investor our your cap table that brings an operational perspective and supports you through thick-and-thin.

"They have been a major value add, from architecting company strategy to getting their hands dirty with financials, introductions"
Jeff Cripe, co founder of Cargo Systems.
Jeff Cripe - CEO
Cargo Systems
"Our discussions highlighted their practical and smart approach, the kind of combination that we are looking for"
Michel Meyer CEO and founder of presence AI
Michel Meyer - CEO

We're an evergreen fund rooted in an entrepreneurial success story

Strong entrepreneurial roots
Bleu Capital is the venture arm of Jean Pierre Chessé's family office. In the 1990s, JP introduced European food products to China as a foreign entrepreneur with limited resources. He eventually scaled his company to 200M+ in revenue and 1000+ employees over the course of 20 years. Our fund was created to transfer the management best practices and processes derived from this experience.

Evergreen investment structure
Bleu Capital does not have a capital deployment timeline and can therefore focus on building companies. As a rule of thumb, we invest into 4-7 startups each year. We deploy our capital over time, with a continuous and growing participation in follow-on rounds, as soon as the team hits pre-determined execution milestones.


We move quickly and double-down on winners

Rapid decision-making and transparency
We strive to be as efficient as possible with our dealflow in order to dedicate the bulk of our bandwidth to our portfolio. Decisions are communicated within 20 days and we commit to transparency on our decision-making process. To do so, we rely heavily on referrals and a set of pre-determined qualitative and quantitative parameters to vet your team more efficiently.

Referral-based sourcing
We mainly consider ventures that come through direct referrals from our network of founders, angels and investment funds.
Validation process
We conduct an in-depth diligence process with a focus on your team, product, market dynamics, and early-product traction.
We move fast once conviction is built. We go to work right away and expand our capital involvement through our network of VC funds.

We dedicate 80% of our bandwidth to our founders

We help you create a lean, transparent and agile team
Our goal is to help founders assemble the necessary building blocks to turn ventures into profitable businesses. These blocks are derived from our own operating experiences as well as the collective intelligence of our portfolio. To do so, we generally have a deeper access to you and your performance data than traditional VC funds. This helps us accurately identify and understand your pain points, and we'll get our hands dirty to actively build alongside you.

We act as an extra department when you need it
The Bleu Capital goes to work after going through an interactive audit of your company. We bring domain knowledge in go-to-market planning and execution, financial planning and cash flow optimization, and general strategy that you can leverage to launch or expand new core functions of your business.


Our relationships with founders are based on trust, transparency, and humility

Performance and data transparency
We generally have a deeper access to your performance data than traditional VC funds. This helps us accurately identify and understand your pain points.

Coachability and humility
As advocates for financial and management best practices, the Bleu Capital team seeks founders who are willing to learn and implement these principles.

Frequent communication
We fundamentally believe in being present for founders through both the best and toughest times. To build a strong relationship that will unlock positive business outcomes, we strive to maintain frequent communications.