Our Approach

As a hands-on evergreen fund, we make long-term bets on founders and actively help them put together the necessary pillars to scale their businesses over time. To do so, we leverage the firm’s domain knowledge and management best practices, derived from our founder’s expertise in taking a company from $0 to $200M in revenue without raising external capital.

Long-term vision and flexible time horizon

Bleu Capital’s primary objective is to build sustainable businesses that can last the test of time. Our single LP structure allows us to have a balanced vision of revenue growth and bottom-line financial performance, with no immediate pressure on time-to-exit.


High time allocation towards our portfolio

We seek to augment our financial support with a high-human capital investment from the get-go. Bleu Capital has adopted an 80/20 structure to do so. 80% of our time is spent in the trenches with our founders, while 20% of the time is spent on new investments and fund operations.

“Entrepreneurs need to both act fast and methodically in the face of a constant pressure to adapt to shifting market forces. We provide a fundamental set of principles to successfully navigate through change” - Jean Pierre Chessé

Small number of investments each year

Each one of our investments is an outsized bet on the founding team. To maintain a high focus on portfolio advisory and support, we limit our deal flow to 2-3 new investments each year.

Bleu Capital relies on a network of partner-funds to improve the efficiency of our sourcing and diligence processes and prioritizes reinvesting into the portfolio to increase ownership.

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Investment Verticals

1. Supporting the future of commerce
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Frictionless commerce
  • Data Intelligence
  • AI powered voice intelligence
2. Unlocking sustainable consumption
  • Circular consumption
  • Future of food
  • New distribution models
  • Better consumption

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