Invest, Support, Build Discipline, Grow, Reinvest.

It has always been clear that our mission was all about helping and advising entrepreneurs, as opposed to solely looking for the potential "golden nugget" amongst 1,000s of decks. Which entrepreneurs? What industries? To efficiently work with founders and maximize our impact, we focus on finding the right entrepreneurial mindset. Founders who are willing to share, listen, and above all, be transparent. Founders who want to surround themselves with experience in order to become execution-focused leaders.From ContentSquare to French Founders, ForDays to OTO, Evercontact to Tekyn or Cargo, all our founders value active investors with entrepreneurial backgrounds that can help them successfully navigate the challenges faced on their respective paths to profitability.

80% of our time is spent in the trenches, with founders. As a family office, we do not have capital deployment constraints, which allows us to focus our energy on our portfolio and double down on founders when the timing is right. Our co-investor network helps us surface high potential teams without dedicating a large amount of time to sourcing.At Bleu, we can use all this extra bandwidth to turn visionary projects into growth machines. That’s it. It takes time for a founder to become a great CEO, one that can weather downturns, turn mistakes into opportunities and failures into invaluable experience. This is our mission and that’s where the fun is. Working hand-in-hand with founders.

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