Our approach

We go beyond financial investment to connect you with our network and equip you with the best practices in business management to ensure you’re fully supported from your early first milestones to continued growth.
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We dedicate 80% of our bandwidth to founders.

We seek to be a multi-stage fund with an ultra-efficient capital deployment strategy and a deep impact on founders. The traditional vc fund spends 80% of their time on their dealflow and fundraising, and very little time on operational support. Our key objective is to reverse that paradigm by dedicating a majority of our time to founders and automating dealflow sourcing.

How we maximize our impact:

Direct support
We specialize in go-to-market strategy, general management best practices, and resource allocation / financial reporting.
Network access
We surround ourselves with like-minded operators, angels and funds, to help us do what we don’t do well. We’ve built a network of pre-vetted freelancers and agencies that we connect you with.
Pooled know-how
We pool learnings across our portfolio. We also provide a set of resources and templates that you can access at any time.
Investment cap
We cap the number of companies we support to guarantee a minimum amount of time. We also conduct “missions” with a set of objectives and take a part time role in your company.

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