Our approach

We only invest in companies where we can add value, and make a limited number of bets each year to maintain our focus on portfolio services. Bleu Capital was founded to provide a higher standard of support to early-stage technology companies.
"They have been a major value add, from architecting company strategy to getting their hands dirty with financials, introductions"
Jeff Cripe, co founder of Cargo Systems.
Jeff Cripe - CEO
Cargo Systems
"Our discussions highlighted their practical and smart approach, the kind of combination that we are looking for"
Michel Meyer CEO and founder of presence AI
Michel Meyer - CEO

We're an evergreen fund rooted in entrepreneurial success

Strong entrepreneurial roots

Bleu is built around decades of operating experience in the commerce industry. The fund's founder, Jean Pierre Chessé, founded and developed Sinodis, a CPG distribution company in China. Under his leadership and with limited outside capital raised, Sinodis reached $200M+ in annual revenue and was sold to a publicly traded firm in 2015.

Evergreen investment structure

Bleu Capital does not have a capital deployment timeline and can therefore focus on building companies. We deploy our capital over time, with a continuous and growing participation in follow-on rounds, as soon as the team hits pre-determined execution milestones.


We move quickly and double-down on winners

Referral-based sourcing
We mainly consider ventures that come through direct referrals from our network of investors and founders.
Validation process
We conduct an in-depth diligence process with a focus on your team, product, market dynamics, and early-product traction.
Investment decision
We move fast once conviction is built, go to work right away and expand our capital involvement through the funds we invest in.

80% of our bandwidth goes to our founders

We set you up for scale

Our goal is to help founders assemble the necessary building blocks to turn ventures into profitable businesses. These blocks are derived from our own operating experiences as well as the collective intelligence of our portfolio.

We're your operational investor

We seek to be a balanced voice on your cap table between growth imperatives (traditional VCs) and long-term company building. Our belief is that sustainable long-term value creation can only be achieved by balancing company growth with the appropriate business fundamentals.

HOW WE WORK with you

Our relationships with founders are based on transparency and humility

Performance and data

We generally have a deeper access to your performance data than traditional VC funds. This helps us accurately identify and understand your pain points.

Coachability and humility

Education is key to Bleu Capital's approach and its entrepreneurs are exposed to Jean-Pierre's experience as CEO of Sinodis. We also centralize learnings across our portfolio, so that we can help others grow as well.