Senders, the caller ID for your email



Senders, the caller ID for your email.

Senders™ is a contextual intelligence email service which offered the same email untracking features now available as part of Senders.

When you use their services, you trust them with your information. In addition to telling you, in their privacy policy, exactly what they will and won’t do with that information, here’s more about who they are.

They are focused on enhancing the email experience for individuals and businesses by helping users filter the messaging signal from the noise and providing relevant information on the fly, in an open way. They provide simple, intuitive services around messaging and the cloud. They are driven by a digital ethics based on consumer control, privacy, and transparency. Their users are their customers and their interests are paramount. Their business model is not based on selling ads, or collecting and selling data.

At One More Company, Inc., creating a positive consumer experience is their highest priority, and their raison d’être. Their products are designed to make life easier. They can’t do that without ensuring user privacy and the security of personal information. So, they think about privacy and security from the beginning, and throughout the product design process; in other words, privacy by design.

One More Company, Inc is a U.S. corporation founded by seasoned executives with decades of experience in Silicon Valley, at places like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and IBM. It has offices in New York and Paris. Senders™ is a patent-pending service designed and securely hosted in the USA.